Biographical Information
Kanji 爬虫種 (レプトレイス)
Rōmaji Reputoreisu
Also known as "Lizards" by Willem Kmetsch
Race Type Reptile
Social Classification Featured
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Height 5 - 8 feet
Eye Color Gold / Brown
Hair Color None
Biological Features Lizard's head

Long tongue

Physical Abilities Super Strength

Sensitive Tongue

Special Abilities Regeneration
Reptraces (爬虫種 (レプトレイス), Reputoreisu) are a race of anthropomorphic lizard people who live on Règles Aile. They are a 'Featured' race of anthropomorphized lizards who resemble humans only with scales covering their bodies.

Background Edit

Reptraces are a 'Featured' race of anthropomorphized lizards who live in Règles Aile. They were also one of the original remaining races who left the surface, 500 years ago, after it was destroyed by the Emnetwihts and the Beasts. They are also possibly the descendants of the Ancient Dragons.

Biological Features Edit

To put it in a simple sense, Reptraces are basically two-legged lizards made to resemble humans, only with scales covering their bodies. Reptraces are not based on a single known reptile and the definition covers a wide range of reptiles. Most Reptraces have a lizard's head, fangs, claws and a long tongue. The main difference between them and normal lizards is that they stand on two legs, have hands and wear normal clothes.

A Reptrace's main diet can consist of normal foods like meat and vegetables, however, they primarily eat flies and large eggs. Sharing a large egg together is considered to be a popular romantic Reptrace tradition.

A Reptrace female normally has children by procreating with a Male Reptrace and laying eggs.

Health Dangers Edit

Special Abilities Edit

Regeneration Edit

Reptraces have the ability to regenerate from most kind of injuries. Even if their tail or a limb is cut off, they can grow a new one in its place.

Sensitive Tongue Edit

Reptraces have an unnaturally long tongue, which can be used to detect movements in the air.

Super Strength Edit

Some Reptraces have extremely strong muscles allowing them to life more than their own weight. It is because of this strength that most of the soldiers in the 2nd Division of the Guardian Wings Military are Reptraces.

Known Reptraces Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Reptrace romance films set in Corna di Luce are known to be popular with the citizens of Règles Aile.
  • Willem doesn't like Reptraces or Reptrace cuisine.

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