In WorldEnd, or What Do You Do at the End of the World? Are You Busy? Will You Save Us?, a numerous number of races used to exist within the world. Now, the only predominant species are the anthropomorphized Beastmen who live in the Sky Island Archipelago of Règles Aile.

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In WorldEnd, all of the races that currently exist on the Sky Island Archaepelago of Règles Aile are divided into four main distinctive sub-sets. These four main sub-sets are:

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A Featured performance troop.

The first subset of Beastman are the 'Featured.' The 'Featured' are races of Beastmen who are anthropomorphized beasts in human form.

While they resembles humans, they also have horns, tails, fur, scales and wings. This type currently occupy a large percentage of the population of Règles Aile and can be said to be the most predominant species there.

Some examples of 'Featured Races' include: the Lycanthropos (Wolf People), the Haresanthropos (Rabbit People) and Reptraces (Reptile People).


Disfeatured Leprechaun children

'Disfeatured' are races of people who don't have horns, tails, fur, scales or noticeable wings. They heavily resemble Emnetwihts or the original humans and normally act just like them. However, due to the destruction of the surface by the Emnetwiht race, the Disfeatured are currently discriminated against by some of the Featured races.

Depending on the Sky Island one goes to, Disfeatured will either be treated equally (e.g. Sky Island 11) or poorly (e.g. Sky Island 28). In some cases being a Disfeatured on one of these prejudiced islands, could lead to violence actions against that Disfeatured.

However, it should also be noted that not all of the Featured feel that way towards the Disfeatured. Some examples of 'Featured Races' include: Leprechauns (Fairies), Imps (Imp People), Visitors (Aliens) and Mixed Bloods (People who hold more than one Beast Race Gene).

Suka Moka Volume 2 - 04

Margeurite Medicis who is half Ailurantropos.

Mixed Bloods
Mixed Bloods are basically species of Beastmen who married into other races and had children by them.

As a result of inter-breeding, most of the Beastmen's children will either hold a predominant gene from one of the parents or have a mix of both races. Depending on the outcome, the child will either be 'Featured' or 'Disfeatured.'

One example of a mix blood is Feodor Jessman who is an Imp, but his great-grandmother on his father's side was a troll and the one on his mother's side was a fox species.

While most of the Emnetwihts were wiped out when they transformed into beasts during the destruction of the surface world, there was one survivor among them, "Willem Kmetsch."

Willem Kmetsch is currently the last living survivor of the Emnetwiht Race who currently lives in Règles Aile.

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