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Purgatorio is a Carillon/Dug Weapon that is currently co-owned by the Orlandry Merchants Guild and the Guardian Wings Military. Its current wielder is Collon Rin Purgatorio


Purgatorio is an 'A-' ranked Carillon/Dug Weapon that was originally created by the Emnetwiht race. During this period, Purgatorio was designed and used for anti-army warfare, using its special ability.

Its special ability is “to declare a purge,” where it make its user single-mindedly cut down opponents who have been recognized as enemies once. However, the user cannot stop this ability mid-battle and the cool-down for this ability takes a month, making it an inflexible weapon.

500 years later, Purgatorio was discovered by a group of salvagers and brought back to the Sky Islands. It is now currently co-owned by the Orlandry Merchants Guild and the Guardian Wings Military with Collon Rin Purgatorio as its wielder.

History Edit

Physical CompositionEdit

Purgatorio is a long crimson red broadsword that was comprised of random multiple shining talismans. When combined, the talismans glowed a red color when activated with Collon's Venenum and could unleash devastating red blasts that can slice a Sky Island in half.

A unique design feature of this blade is that it has a red handle with dragon wing type decorations on it.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Purgatorio's special ability lies in its ability to take down "Sinners." So long as the user considers the enemy to be a sinner, they won't be able to escape from this blade. Visibility is key for using this ability as the ability has to activated before the battle by its wielder from a place where there's a visible aerial view of the entire battlefield. The user then has to mark the enemies as "Sinners" through an unclear means.

Once the ability is activated, it will continue so long as the user continues to swing their blade with ferocious power. Individual enemies cannot escape from this ability. There are a couple of downsides to this ability, which are:

  1. Enemies have to be marked as "Sinners" prior to the battle and from a bird's eye view of the entire battlefield, which makes it perfect for valley and field battles, but making it slightly inconvenient especially during surprise attacks, air raids and naval battles; and
  2. Once it's ability has been used, Purgatorio can't be used again for a month.

Known Wielders of PurgatorioEdit

  • Unnamed Brave
  • Collon Rin Purgatorio - a fiery, energetic pink haired Leprechaun who lives at the Fairy Warehouse.

Known Victims of PurgatorioEdit

  • Countless beasts.


  • Purgatorio’s name comes from the Latin word “Purgatorium” which means “purification” or “cleansing.” It also means: a) a purgative or b) act or means of cleansing or c) (Ecclesiastical) purgatory. This name is a reference to Purgatorio's special ability and specialty as an 'Anti-Army' weapon.



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