Oracion (オラシオン, Orashion) is a Carillon/Dug Weapon that is co-owned by the Orlandry Merchants Guild and the Guardian Wings Military. Its current wielder is Nopht Caro Oracion (Formerly Nopht Keh Desperatio).


Oracion is a Carillon that was created by the Emnetwiht Race over 500 years ago for the Emnetwihts' war against the Poteau. Oracion's rank is 'A' and its current user is Nopht Caro Oracion (Formerly Nopht Keh Desperatio) who received this sword as a replacement for the one that she had lost. Its talent is “to grant modest wishes’, a kind of manifestation of its "Realiser" ability.

History Edit

Physical CompositionEdit

Special AbilitiesEdit

Oracion's special ability or talent is “to grant modest wishes’, which is a kind of manifestation of its "Realiser" or wish granting system's ability.

Oracion cannot specifically designate a wish to grant, but it is said that it can only willfully grant the ones which lie in the user’s subconscious (during battle), making it hard to use.

Known Wielders of OracionEdit

Known Victims of OracionEdit

  • Countless beasts.


  • Oracion is a Spanish word which is based on the Latin word “orotis” which means “prayer” or “wish,” which a reference referring to the sword's special ability of granting unconscious modest wishes.
  • Realiser: Wish Granting System



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