Historia (ヒストリア, Hisutoria) is a Carillons/Dug Weapons that's currently co-owned by the Orlandry Merchants Guild and the Guardian Wings Military. Its current wielder is Rhantolk Ytri Historia.


Historia is an 'B+' ranked Carillons/Dug Weapons that was originally created by the Emnetwiht race over 500 years ago for their war against the Poteau. It used to have the ability to "accumulate the memories of its past users," however, this ability became lost at some unknown point.

500 years later, Historia was re-discovered during an excavation by a group of salvagers and became co-owned by the Orlandry Merchants Guild and the Guardian Wings Military. Its current user is Rhantolk Ytri Historia. It was later tuned by Willem Kmetsch to make it conform better with Rhantolk.

History Edit

Physical CompositionEdit

Historia is a long rapier-type sword that is composed of random multiple shining talismans. When combined, the talismans glow a navy blue color when activated with Rhantolk's Venenum and can unleash devastating blue blasts that can slice a Sky Island in half.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Memory Accumulation Edit

Historia's original special ability was to "accumulate the memories of its past users." It normally did this by absorbing the memories of its user, however, since its function to derive those memories has been lost. It is now just a normal sword.

Known Wielders of HistoriaEdit

Known Victims of HistoriaEdit

  • Countless beasts.


  • Historia is a Latin term that means “History / account / story.” It originally comes from the Ancient Greek word ἱστορία (historía) and means “learning through research, narration of what is learned”), from ἱστορέω (historéō, “to learn through research, to inquire”), from ἵστωρ (hístōr, “the one who knows, the expert,the judge”).  It refers to both Historia’s ability to record and store the past of its previous users and Rhantolk’s personality and desire to research the Seventeen Beasts origins and her own kinds’ history.



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