Fairy Warehouse
Fairy Warehouse
Basic Information
Kanji 妖精倉庫
Rōmaji Yousei Souko
Also known as Special Weapons Warehouse
Status Still Active
Organization Details
Main Headquarter Location Island 68
Key People Willem Kmetsch (caretaker)

Nygglatho Astartus (caretaker)

Mission To take care of young Leprechauns and raise them to be excellent Fairy Soldiers.
The Fairy Warehouse (妖精倉庫, Yousei Souko) is a huge special orphanage co-owned by both the Guardian Wings Military and the Orlandry Merchants Guild. It is one of the main settings in Suka Suka and Suka Moka and the current caretakers are Nygglatho Astartus and Willem Kmetsch.

Background Edit

The Fairy Warehouse is a special weapons storehouse and orphanage that's co-owned and founded by both the Guardian Wings Military and the Orlandry Merchants Guild. On paper, the warehouse is called a "Special Weapons Warehouse" by the Guardian Wings Military as a secret cover to protect the girls.

The warehouse's main role is to store and take care of both the Dug Weapons and the Leprechaun Fairies who can use them until they can be used in battle. The Warehouse is usually taken care of by two caretakers who act as representatives to either the Orlandry Merchants Guild or the Guardian Wings Military. The current caretakers are Nygglatho Astartus who represents the Orlandry Merchants Guild and Willem Kmetsch, a 2nd Grade Technical Officer who represents the Guardian Wings Military.

Role Edit

The Fairy Warehouse's role is to take care and raise young Leprechauns who have the potential to become Dug Weapon users. They also train them in swordplay and fighting, so they'll be ready to fight the Seventeen Beasts. The Warehouse's second primary function is to store, mend and protect the Dug Weapons stored in the Warehouse until they can be tuned with a Leprechaun. They'll then take care of the weapons in between battles.

When newborn Leprechauns are brought to the Fairy Warehouse, the caretakers take them in and make sure they are fully adjusted with the rest of the Leprechauns. They then train and raise the girls until they are old enough to wield a Dug Weapon. Once a fairy has the 'Harbinger Dream' which alerts the caretaker that they are ready for a Dug Weapon, a caretaker will normally (not always) escort the girls to Corna di Luce on Sky Island 11 for their aptitude test.

History Edit

Facilities Edit

  • Administration Office
  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Dining Room
  • Library
  • Playroom
  • Lounge room
  • Storage "Junk" Room
  • Medical Room
  • Radio Room
  • Dug Weapon Storage Chamber
  • Outside Training Area

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