The Dindrane series (ディンドランシリーズ, Dindoran Shiriizu) is the name denoted to a prototype series of mass produced Carillons meant to be used by Quasi-Braves.

Background Edit

The Dindrane series was the upgraded sister series of the Percival mass-production type Carillons. The Dindrance series was originally created using the flaws with the Percival series as a basis for it. After the kinks were worked out and test runned, they were then mass produced for Quasi Braves.

In terms of power, Dindranes were significantly weaker than most of the unique Carillons like 'Seniorious,' however were a lot more stable than the Percivals. But, their power were dependent on the Quasi Brave's abilities and were created to take the enemy's power and use it against them.

History Edit

Physical Composition Edit

Special Abilities Edit

Dindranes were not created with a special ability.

Known Wielders of Dindrane Edit

  • Unnamed Quasi Braves

Known Victims of Dindrane Edit

  • Countless beasts.

Trivia Edit

  • The name 'Dindrane' is a reference to Sir Percival's sister from the Arthurian Legends. She helps Galahad, Percival and Bors on their journey to the location to the Holy Grail, but dies mid-way after offering her blood to save a woman's life.

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